We don’t go all the way without getting to know you first. Call us old-fashioned, but at Creation we want to find out what makes you tick—and more importantly, what will make your clients come running. We start out with a phone call to get the scoop on your company’s image, where you stand now and what you’re looking for in a design firm.

If there’s chemistry between us, we’ll set up a meeting to go over the juicy details. That’s when we’ll devise a design plan, chat about your concerns, and tally a detailed estimate. We’ll also provide a timeline—and don’t worry, we won’t make you hold your breath too long.


We have beauty and brains. Of course you want a stunning product, but it won’t be much use without flawless functionality. We’ll kick off your project with the brand-development phase. We can improve on what you already have, or help you establish a spanking-new image. From there, we’ll delve into user experience and information architecture. Based on your brand and target audience, we’ll give birth to a design that fits. We don’t care about being hip or fitting in with the design world—we want to give you a product that rings a bell for your unique customer base.

This Step includes:
User Experience (UX) | Wireframing | Visual Design